Pericana ingredients

Ingredients of Pericana

The towns of Mariola Mountain share culinary tradition and, therefore, have great uniformity in their culinary references based on two fundamental elements: the reflection of the mountain herbs and olive oil grown in adjacent fields. In places like Agres, two traditional mills still work by hand and can be visited throughout the year, but it’s especially recommended while they are working to obtain the olive oil, of course.

The olleta (a meal prepared in a saucepan, where it takes the name from), stuffed peppers, borreta and pericana dishes are common throughout the country and combine Valencian cuisine with influences from the countryside. In addition, in Agres beans with pumpkin are also very popular and in Alfafara dishes like espencat. In Alcoi they have a special kind of olleta traditionally starring the boot of Moors and Christians festivities, while in Bocairent the characteristic gazpacho of Mariola Mariola Mountain flavoured with pebrella (an aromatic herb) and stew are the traditional dishes.

Herbero is the typical liquor of the Mariola Mountain

Picture by: José A. Bernat (Associació fotogràfica de Bocairent)

The local pastries show Arab influences like the use of almonds as a basic element in most of the proposals made ​​during the year. Finally, liquors acquire great importance with coffee liquor in Alcoy and the traditional Herbero. This drink is made on the basis of dry and sweet anise flavored with mountain herbs with recipes kept private and with great secrecy from generation to generation.


-Abisinios and garibaldinos
-Rice broth
-Stuffed peppers (Alcoi) (Banyeres de Mariola)
-“Borreta” (Alcoi) (Banyeres de Mariola) (Bocairent) (Cocentaina)
-Flour, tomato and cold meat cakes
-Freid cakes
-Fresh anchovy croquettes
-Main rib stew (Banyeres de Mariola) (Cocentaina)
-Stew Alcoi style
-“Pericana” (Alcoi) (Banyeres de Mariola)
-Stew with meatball

-“Mantecats” (shortbread)
-Sweet potato cakes
-Almond rolls
-Anisette rolls

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