The path of Modernism in Alcoy, the Convent of Our Lady of Agres and the medieval quarter in Bocairent are three "must see" when someone visits the Mariola Mountain. History, adaptation to the landscape and religion are the ingredients that dominate the vast heritage of the area, that also comprises archaeological sites, Arab defensive systems, Gothic churches, palaces, castles, churches, etc.

In addition, Mariola's territory is known by its architecture generated by three elements of nature. The stone is the substrate of the Moors Covetes, the Cave Monastery or the Bullring in Bocairent. Meanwhile, the use of water and snow also have a large legacy of assets as water sources, public washing sinks, tanks, pipes, ice caves and other similar structures.

Overall, the heritage of the peoples of the Mariola reflects the communion between humanity and nature and allows, at the same time, learning the history of agricultural and industrial land.

Medieval neighbourhood in Bocairent

Picture by: Juan Sanz (Associació fotogràfica de Bocairent)