The municipalities of Agres, Alfafara and Bocairent promote the initiative to produce biomass to take advantage of energetically the forest and agricultural resources generated in the Sierra de Mariola. The project is already being worked from the hostal consistory, Bocairent, by hiring a graduate in Environmental Sciences thanks to the ‘Post’ program of the Diputación de Valencia.

From the Directorate General of Forest Fire Prevention, have shown their support for the initiative and have exposed the possibilities to explore and the available financing channels, in addition to providing the technical advice of the department staff to materialize the project.

Bocairent continues to consolidate itself as a priority destination of Valencian interior tourism with the increase during 2016 in the number of visitors. In this way, the tourist office ended the year with 44,007 people attended, an 11.93% higher than the previous year; Moreover, this figure almost doubles in four years the tourists registered in 2012 (23,883 people).

In 2016, in which the population counted among its attractions with the presence of the Iberian lion in the archaeological museum, concluded with the incorporation of a tour guide and a pawn to maintain patrimonial resources thanks to a subsidy of 8,171.89 euros Of the EMCORP program. Not only that, the newly completed annuity “brought an update of the tourism promotion website ( to adapt it to the newest programming languages ​​with a visual result much more attractive and adaptable to any device

The guided visits have allowed to know the different patrimony of the municipalities

Around the Mariola” closes the free guided tours of autumn 2016 with the participation of about 350 people. In this edition, attendees have been able to know, first hand, the vultures of the Canyet project in Alcoy, the architectural, environmental and gastronomic heritage of Agres and Alfafara, approaching literature in Banyeres de Mariola, visit the monumental Bocairent, travel in time to Cocentaina or learn the different mushroom search techniques and types there are Muro de Alcoy. The municipal governments of Tourist of the natural park area made a “positive balance” of the initiative. Thus, they noted that it “has been a great opportunity for our neighbourhood to discover the attractions that are nearby” while “our monumental wealth was opened to all tourists from the Land of Valencia and to foreign residents in our coasts”.

Similarly, the Serra Mariola association remarked “the great response received because all available places were completed and, even in some cases, we had to double them for the high demand registered”. This fact “encourages us to prepare a new edition of ‘Around the Mariola

Alcoi route

Alcoi route

Agres route

Agres route

Ruta Banyeres

Ruta Banyeres

Ruta Bocairent

Bocairent route



vmb01cartell-val“Around the Mariola”, the guided tours programme organized by Serra Mariola Association, returns next Sunday, October 2, with a fourth edition dedicated, again, hiking and cultural heritage. Agres open seven itineraries. Scheduled routes also travel Alcoy, Alfafara, Banyeres, Bocairent, Cocentaina and Muro in the coming weeks, until 27 November. An initiative that, in recent editions, attracted more than 350 participants.

The tours cater to all audiences with low difficulty routes. In all cases, you must first register for free, a record that can be made by email to the address, the City of Alfafara or tourist offices of Agres, Alcoy, Bañeres, Bocairente, Cocentaina and Muro.

The first release of “Around to Mariola” will be a walk in the town of Agres, which includes visit inside the parish church, the traditional oil mill and the Sanctuary of the Virgin. At the end there will be a tasting of typical products in the square. The route will start at 10.00 am at the Tourist Office.

The visit program will continue on October 16 with the route of vultures in Alcoy. On Sunday, Alfafara organized the route from the Font de Carbonell to Hermitage Verge de la Llum, with tasting and olive oil tasting Alfafarenca. In November, 6th, will be Banyeres de Mariola who visits begin with a literary route and storytellers. Moreover, Bocairent, on November 13, will provide a cultural itinerary for their points of heritage interest. On November 20, Cocentaina proposes a retrospective tour of art in the city. Mycological route on 27 November in Muro de Alcoy, close the edition of “Around to Mariola” 2016.

Tours are tailored to all people with low and medium difficulty. In all cases, pre-registration is required and free, it can be done by e-mail (, in the Town Hall of Alfafara or the tourist offices of Agres, Alcoi, Banyeres de Mariola, Bocairent, Cocentaina or Muro.

CARTELL FESTES (1)There are many festivals held in the town of Muro de Alcoy, but for its historical value highlight the Moors and Christians in honor of the Virgin of the Helpless and dating back to 1857. These festivities are held each year the second weekend of May. In them, tthe protagonists parading to the rhythm of music

The party is made up of two camps, the Moors and the Christian side. The first consists of six troupes: Filà Llana, Filá Moros del Rif, Fila Tariks, Filà Realistas, Fila Verds y Filà Marroks. Respectivamente, componen el bando cristiano también seis comparsas: Filà Mare de Déu, Filà Maseros, Filà Contrabandistas, Filà Piratas, Filà Arqueros y Filà Templaris.
Check the program of events

April is marked by two important festive events, such as the Moors and Christians in honor of San Jorge in Alcoy and Banyeres de Mariola. A festival that in the coming days will fill the streets with music and color with different events.

Since the last third of the twentieth century, they have a special uniqueness for its wealth and magnificence. In fact, they were declared, in his day, of International Tourist Interest. Consultation events and schedules



Banyeres de Mariola is a town that still retains the festive and cultural traditions of their ancestors. In addition, its culture is essential to the survival of these experiences. Therefore, as every year, from 22 to 25 April, the Moors and Christians in honor of San Jorge, declared of National Tourist Interest held. Consultation events and schedules




cava1The Diputación de Alicante has completed the restoration and museological of the Great ‘Cava de Agres’, also known as ‘Cava Arquejada’. The most expensive part of the project involved placing a metal ladder platform and easy to explore the bottom of the digging and give walkers the chance to see the installation from within.

The work has also involved the rehabilitation of the gallery-tunnel which ice was extracted. In addition to the placement of information panels for the construction of the digging, for its condition and location, it has become a prominent symbol of the Serra de Mariola and one of the identifying symbols of the snowfields of Valencia.

Built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this snowfield was used to collect snow for different uses, it was in full commercial operation until 1906 and is located southwest of Refuge Reig del Moral and approximately 1120 meters of altitude above sea level. The official opening is scheduled for March 10.


Serra Mariola The association was present at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), in Madrid last week, to promote tourism in the seven municipalities that comprise it. The group surprised visitors with the screening of a promotional video and showing the different activities, accommodations and possibilities for domestic tourism offered by the Sierra de Mariola.

The food was also present. In fact, the Hotel Vila de Muro Show Cooking offered alive-in-kitchen in the hall of Valencia. The dish was chosen pericana. IMG-20160122-WA0010 IMG_1147 IMG_1148

In addition, the Camping Mariola has been awarded a certificate of Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence. The campsite manager, Juan Mestre, received the award with the president of Valencian government, Ximo Puig. IMG-20160121-WA0005 (1) Serra Mariola Association is an independent group that integrates the municipalities of Agres, Alcoy, Alfafara, Banyeres de Mariola, Bocairent, Cocentaina, Muro, the Campus UPV Alcoi and tourism industry. This group focuses its activities especially in the territory between the natural parks of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja and neighboring areas.