Representants de l'associació Serra Mariola reunits amb Francesc Colomer a l'Agència Valenciana de Turisme

Representants de l’associació Serra Mariola reunits amb Francesc Colomer a l’Agència Valenciana de Turisme

Francesc Colomer meets with representatives of the group to publicize their work and initiate a partnership

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, meets with representatives of l’association Serra Mariola to publicize their work and initiate a partnership to improve the position of municipalities and members in tourism enterprises and the development tourist measures and boost the landscape and territory.

Francesc Colomer stated that “The Valencia Tourism Agency will provide technical and professional to value the resources available to members of this association support locations linked to the environment, cultural heritage, domestic tourism, gastronomy and parties”. Likewise, the Regional Secretary of Tourism added that the result of the meeting “has been established to create a joint commission work and a clear roadmap for the development of the territory”.

L’association Serra Mariola is an independent inter-associative group that integrates the municipalities of Agres, Alcoy, Alfafara, Banyeres de Mariola, Bocairent, Cocentaina, Muro, Benámer (Muro) Nunez Cela (Muro) Turballos (Muro), Campus UPV Alcoi and tourism industry. This group focuses its activities especially in the territory between the natural parks of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja and neighboring areas.