VMC03CBanyeresThe programme of guided tours goes all over the most emblematic places associated with the feast

The third edition of programme of guided tours “Around the Mariola” will stop next Sunday, April 12th, in Banyeres de Mariola to get into the preparations of the Moors and Christians in honour of St. George to be held on the day 21st. Thus, the itinerary will depart at 11.00 am from the tourist office to go into the streets and squares where the different acts are held; later, the arrival at the Castle will serve to know more details about the feast thanks to the festive museum located inside of it, but not only this because the parliaments take place there. Finally, the participants in the route will appreciate the atmosphere of the “filaes” with a tour inside a “maset”.

The initiative of the Serra Mariola Association is free but inscription is required in the tourist offices of Agres, Alcoi, Banyeres de Mariola, Bocairent, Cocentaina or Muro; in the Town Hall of Alfafara; by e-mail (info@serramariola.org). This route will serve to open the programme after the postponement of the planned in Bocairent on March 21st due to weather reasons which led to rearrange the schedule of tours that will continue with a visit to the archaeological site of Beneito Cave in Muro on April 19th.