04C1NaturalesaThe Mariola Mountain is a mountainous chain rooted in the collective imagination of valencian people. Located between the districts of l'Alcoià, the Comtat and The Valley of Albaida, it has a rich flora which highlights above all the wide variety of herbs that have been traditionally used for therapeutic purposes, but also in gastronomy and the production of the classic liquor in the area: herbero.

Similarly, the abundance of water helps to create landscapes of extraordinary beauty which also vary from the ocher tones of autumn to spring green, summer yellows or whites of winter snows. Vinalopo river that waters the center of the province of Alicante to Elche and Santa Pola, and peak Montcabrer 1,390 m above sea level are two fundamental references.

The richness of the Mariola Mountain has made human presence in its territory to be constant throughout history and good examples of this are the numerous archaeological sites. Watch towers, snow deposits, chapels and farmhouses suppose, even today, a good example of the close relationship between the neighborhood and the park.

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